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97. Fall Elite Auction 2022


Auction on Saturday, October 1, 2022 from 15:00  | Auction in progress

Active | Standard auction
29 Results
Catalogue number: 1

Frontman OLD

Starting price 10.000 EUR

The Oldenburg Vice State Champion open with big steps

For Romance I - Don Romantic – Rubinstein I

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Catalogue number: 3


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Queen of movement in a class of her own, highly placed in tests for young horses

Quantensprung - Sir Donnerhall I - Akzent II


Catalogue number: 4


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Typey and charming championship candidate with that certain something

Fürstenball - Bordeaux - Fidertanz

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Catalogue number: 5


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Large-framed black offspring from the treasure chest of star sire Secret

Secret - Sandro Hit - Feiner Stern

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Catalogue number: 6

Stars and Stripes

Starting price 10.000 EUR

Opulent black stallion, already victorious in dressage tests at 1st level

Sandro Hit - Don Primero – Latimer


Catalogue number: 10

Secret Game

Starting price 10.000 EUR

Dance master of the extra class, especially noble and charming youngster

Secret - Fürst Wilhelm - Ron William


Catalogue number: 11


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Full-aged top athlete, who has a great future ahead of her, winning dressage youngster class

Benetton Dream - Fürstenball - Sunny-Boy

Catalogue number: 12


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Dressage youngster, moves with much dynamism and suppleness

Secret - His Highness - Rubinstein I

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Catalogue number: 13


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Beautiful eye-catcher with a lot of charm and drive, just wow!

For Romance II - San Amour I – Caprimond

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Catalogue number: 14

Song of Joy

Starting price 10.000 EUR

Charming youngster from one of the best dressage families worldwide

Sandro Hit - Don Schufro - Figaro

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Catalogue number: 15

Fin de Siècle

Starting price 10.000 EUR

Light-footed and noble mare with a lot of perspective for the big ring

Fürst Toto - Dimaggio - Classiker

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Catalogue number: 20

Very Well

Starting price 10.000 EUR

Beautiful, easy and super movements

Vitalis - Sandro Hit - Donnerhall

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Catalogue number: 39

For Instance

Starting price 10.000 EUR

Dazzling youngster with a lot of shine and esprit

For Romance I - De Niro - His Highness

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Catalogue number: 40

Dark Dance

Starting price 10.000 EUR

Movement king with a lot of perspective from the Elfenblume dam line

Desperado - Diamond Hit - De Niro

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Catalogue number: 41


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Charming youngster, successful in dressage tests at 1st level

Desperado - Sir Donnerhall I - Donnerschwee

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Catalogue number: 42

Beauty Queen

Starting price 10.000 EUR

Extravagant beauty queen with that certain something

Benefit - Governor - Tango

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Catalogue number: 43


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Pompous dressage diva with a lot of expression, qualified for the Belgium Championships

Foundation - Florencio I - Dormello


Catalogue number: 44


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Very appealing dressage offspring with a great future ahead, easy to school

Asgard's Ibiza - Sandro Hit - Rubinstein I


Catalogue number: 48


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Beautiful Zack daughter with an excellent working hind leg

Zack - Quattro B - Acord II

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Catalogue number: 49


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Light-footed dancer, already celebrating success at 1st level dressage tests

Vitalis - Sir Donnerhall I - Alabaster


Catalogue number: 50


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Modern styled Feinrich son with a lot of expression

Feinrich - Johnson - Wolkentanz II

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Catalogue number: 51

Special Souvenir

Starting price 10.000 EUR

Modern and easy Secret daughter with big movements

Secret - Sunny-Boy - Sion

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Catalogue number: 52

Indian Rose

Starting price 10.000 EUR

Placed in tests for young riding horses, daughter of shooting star Indian Rock

Indian Rock - De Niro - Sion

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Catalogue number: 53


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Noble dressage princess with great movements

Bon Coeur - Just Perfect - Mondrian xx

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Catalogue number: 57


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Likeable youngster with a lot of quality

Baron - De Niro - Akzent II

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Catalogue number: 58


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Capital young star from an international Grand Prix family

Baron - Don Romantic - Contango

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Catalogue number: 59

Vida Loca

Starting price 10.000 EUR

Interestingly bred young dancer with great possibilities

Vitalis - De Niro – Gribaldi

Dieser Inhalt ist nur ein Pl...

Catalogue number: 60


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Future star with good basic gaits and good working attitude

Fürst Jazz - Depardieu - Le Matin

Dieser Inhalt ist nur ...

Catalogue number: 61


Starting price 10.000 EUR

Imposing glowing chestnut gelding with great possibilities

Romanov Blue Hors - Sir Donnerhall I – Friedensfürst/T.