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100. Elite Auction 2023

DE-49577 Ankum, Tütinger Straße 28  

Auction on Sunday, October 1, 2023 from 14:00 | Auction finished

Completed | Standard auction
57 Results
Catalogue number: 1


mare / 2017
Result: 146.000 EUR

Spectacular auction start with this exceptional appearance

D'Egalite - Sandro Hit - Riccione

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Catalogue number: 2


gelding / 2018
Result: 82.000 EUR

Victorious in dressage tests for five-year-old horses, qualified for the Bundeschampionat ’23

For Dance - Sergio Rossi - Wolkentanz II


Catalogue number: 3

*Escala Gold OLD

mare / 2018
Result: 90.000 EUR

Top dressage mare decorated with the bronze medal at the Bundeschampionat

Belissimo M - Rohdiamant - Ex Libris

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Catalogue number: 4


mare / 2019
Result: 28.500 EUR

Our tallest from the best home, winner of dressage tests for four-year-old horses

Fürst Toto - Sandro Hit - Rubinstein I


Catalogue number: 5

Val Kilmer

gelding / 2020
Result: 40.000 EUR

Exceptional Valverde son with outstanding qualities

Valverde - Fürst Wilhelm - Sir Donnerhall I

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Catalogue number: 6


mare / 2017
Result: 50.000 EUR

Striking top athlete, qualified for the Bundeschampionat and successful in 1.30 m courses

Aganix du Seigneur Z - Rival Z - Olisco


Catalogue number: 7

Bella Rose

mare / 2018
Result: 60.500 EUR

Scopey, tall course athlete with finest riding qualities

Balou du Rouet - Corlensky G - Landor S

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Catalogue number: 8


mare / 2019
Result: 21.000 EUR

Four-year-old young athlete with enormous potential and perspective

Cornet de Semilly – Ignam/Trak.- Cardiff xx

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Catalogue number: 9


mare / 2018
Result: 30.000 EUR

Beautiful athlete, already successful in 1.10 m courses

Comme il faut - Diamant de Semilly - Quick Star

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Catalogue number: 10

El Mayassah

mare / 2019
Result: 14.000 EUR

Tall athlete with a lot of perspective for higher demands

Etoulon - Damiro - Carthago

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Catalogue number: 11

Bella Secure

mare / 2018
Result: 20.000 EUR

Light-footed and elegant Secret daughter with a lot of perspective for the big arena

Secret - Best of Gold - Rubin-Royal


Catalogue number: 12


gelding / 2019
Result: 40.000 EUR

Outstanding mover from a world-class family

Feinrich - De Niro – Rubinstein I

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Catalogue number: 13

Fine Romance

mare / 2019
Result: 19.000 EUR

Shining and brilliant beauty

Fidertanz - For Romance I - Londonderry

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Catalogue number: 14

*Queen Sarah

mare / 2019
Result: 41.000 EUR

Beautiful, royal dressage prospect with excellent movement qualities

Q-Sieben - Sir Donnerhall I - Akzent II

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Catalogue number: 16

*Breaking News

stallion / 2020
Result: 101.000 EUR

Licensed majestic stallion for the upcoming championships

Bonds - Desperados - Brentano II

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Catalogue number: 17


mare / 2017
Result: 36.000 EUR

Top athlete with a lot of overview and that certain something, 1.20 m successful

Casallco - Cassini II - Landkaiser


Catalogue number: 18


gelding / 2019
Result: 20.000 EUR

Internationally bred youngster with all possibilities for the sport

Halifax v.h. Kluizebos - Cabrio v.d. Heffinck - Fuego du Prelet


Catalogue number: 19

Costa Rica

mare / 2019
Result: 17.000 EUR

Young athlete from the very best home, ready for 1.00 m courses

Conthargos - Balou du Rouet - Diarado

Dieser Inhalt ist nu...

Catalogue number: 20

Déjà Vu Deluxe

gelding / 2019
Result: 33.500 EUR

Impressive youngster with 1.20 m course successes, something very special!

Dinken - Balou du Rouet - Titus

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Catalogue number: 21


Result: 15.500 EUR

From the first foal crop of Feliciano

Feliciano - Spörcken - Davignon I

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Catalogue number: 22


Result: 17.000 EUR

From the premiere foal crop of Escaneno

Escaneno - Indian Rock - Fürst Romancier

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Catalogue number: 23


Result: 11.000 EUR

Eye-catcher from the family of the champion Bon Esprit

Henkie - Santo Domingo - Silvio I

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Catalogue number: 24

Vei du mei

Result: 12.000 EUR

From the dam line: Olympic champion Bonfire

Vivaldos - Detroit - Sandro Hit

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Catalogue number: 25

Zuper Boy

Result: 8.500 EUR

World Championship medallist Zuperman delivers!

Zuperman - San Amour I - Don Schufro

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